March 15, 2024

MSM Audition Week 2024
“By The Numbers!”

While most current MSM students enjoyed spring break, the Admission Team welcomed applicants 和 family members from across the globe to our campus for in-person auditions, which took place from February 26 to March 8. Nearly 2,000 talented musicians auditioned on campus where they were able to take campus tours 和 meet current students 和 others in the MSM Community.

We’ve tallied it up, 和 here’s what this year’s auditions looked like by the numbers!

Two of our fabulous M-Team student workers, Chiara Zheng (left) 和 May Coppler (right)

  • In-person auditions 和 interviews: 1,700
  • M-Team workers — our fabulous team of student workers: 90
  • Adjudicating faculty members: 180
  • 工作人员 members involved: 50
  • Total number of MSM faculty, staff, 和 M-Team onsite to help: 315!

MSM Provost Joyce Griggs addresses a tour of on-campus applicants.

  • Information sessions 和 events throughout the week: 31
  • Audition Week Instagram stories (available in our highlight): 36
  • Number of majors for which auditions were taking place: 51
  • Carafes of coffee total: 25 (a necessity for long audition days!)

And above 和 beyond the on-campus audition period from 2/26–3/8:

  • In-Person Musical Theatre 和 Conducting auditions (conducted at an earlier date): 170
  • Total Virtual auditions: 1,100
  • Total final auditions & interviews: 3,000
  • Total hours of auditions: 540

Total amount of joy: see for yourself!

It takes mountains of effort, teamwork, 和 time to make live auditions happen at MSM, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Congratulations to all our applicants. We have been so impressed by the quality of this year’s auditions, 和 we hope that you are proud of what you’ve accomplished thus far.

Application decisions will be released by April 1st – so good luck 和 stay tuned!

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